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The cavalry, just like the infantry, was composed of very large men mounted on enormous horses.

They were giants on elephants who knew neither how to maneuver  nor fight.

[Frederick the Great]




Misfits of Project Management


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bulletThis is an ironic newsletter – we like to have fun



Why a newsletter on misfits? The idea came to us in Lugano on a Sunday afternoon: we were thinking about a seminar we had attended the week before in another country, and we were laughing at the “visible project management” (something involving plenty of multi-colored post-its, some Japanese words and a lot of boards – but no seats, not even stools) which had even been called a methodology.

Because of a strange coincidence, the evening before we had been writing an introduction to project management; to our own surprise, part of that introduction had to be dedicated to de-mithing some “conventional wisdom” elements.


It is really a strange world that in which one has to de-mith something to explain what Project Management is. At any rate, this is how things are and probably one of the main reasons why project management is often unknown or, worse, misunderstood.

You see, the problem here is that one does not need to be a Certified Project Manager to be a project manager: a doctor must be qualified; so must an engineer, an accountant, a teacher and so on.

What’s better than saying you are a project manager and maybe even propose your own “solution”? You could even end up making some money, especially in these times of crisis. The only problem is you are not a certified Project Manager.

You know, there is nothing unethical in not being a certified Project Manager; after all, some good project managers are not certified. But is it ok to go around and pontificate?

And mind, sometimes there are even some certified project managers who have some “wonderful” ideas.



We were thinking about this and laughing at modern fads, when we realized another reason why project management is misunderstood is “misfits of project management”.

So, this is where, how and why this newsletter was born. Welcome to “Misfits of project management”!



“Misfits of project management” is free and can be freely forwarded: some healthy fun is necessary in these modern times.

Being an ironic newsletter, it reflects only ideas. “Answers” or assertions that are not between inverted commas [‘….’] are not to be considered as “true” answers or assertions: that is only a way to express ironically what is perceived.

We make use of another set of inverted commas [“….”]: those are no quotations at all, just a literary device of ours to make concepts clearer.

If you desire to contribute with your experiences or ideas, please drop us an e-mail at central(at)righetconsult.com





Operazioni in Ticino, Svizzera, Italia, Europa. In particolare, portiamo il Project Management e Prince2 a: Lugano; Londra; Francia; Milano, Como, Varese e Lombardia in generale; Roma; Trento; Belluno, Padova (project management Padova), Rovigo, Treviso, Verona (project management Verona), Venezia, Vicenza (project management Vicenza) e Veneto in generale.

bulletIssue nr. 1: The "visible project management"


bulletIssue nr. 2: The "Toyota system" and its "worshippers"


bulletIssue nr. 3: An e-mail from X-City


bulletIssue nr. 4: Where is the beef?


bulletIssue nr. 5: I "supermercati" del project management


bulletIssue nr. 6: Tools reloaded


bulletIssue nr. 7: I radicali liberi & I docciaioli





















Lugano - Paradiso, Ticino, Svizzera

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