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bulletFor firms wanting to improve their success by developing and managing their projects, from the complex project to the specific solution or interim Project Management; they benefit greatly from the Prince2 Practitioner qualification (London). Prince2, sometimes known as Prince 2, is globally acknowledged as the most efficient project management (Project Management - a brief introduction) method in the world and it gives an active role to the customer; this results in a drastic reduction in misunderstandings


Complete project life-cycle: using the Prince2 methodology, you will always know the state of projects, problems, risks and so on; you will be in control and decide, especially at stage's end, whether you want to proceed and finance other stages; after receiving the due reports and recommendations, you will approve contingency projects, decide on critical issues and so on


Third parties: through a specifically studied methodology, you will be able to insert them in your plan in a personalized way


Feasibility studies will allow you to take informed decision on your future


Business plans will set up clear reasons, goals and benefits for your projects; if the business case falters during the project life-cycle, you will know it and decide whether you want to continue with the project or take any other measures leading to success


Quality: your needs will be identified, the quality expected by you or your customer will lead to a quality plan and quality criteria; these phases are highly interactive, so your customers will contribute from the beginning and there will be no space for misunderstandings. Prince2 is perfect for working according to ISO rules


Controls: we will set up all the controls you need to be sure you stay in control of projects and be safe from surprises.




Operations in Ticino, Switzerland, Italy, Europe. In particolar, we bring Project Management, Prince2 and the other solutions to: Lugano, Zurich, Rome (Prince2 Roma), Milan (Prince2 Milano), London and the UK, France, Treviso, Verona, Venice, Vicenza, Padua (project management Padova).

bulletPrince 2 (link): "Projects In Controlled Environments" is the most diffused and effective project management methodology in the world; Prince2 was and is sponsored by the British government. Before its introduction, the  unsuccess rate of projects had reached 80% in technological sectors. With Prince2, the success rate has dramatically increased. The Prince2 Practitioner qualification is rare in many countries and almost non-existent in Italy and Ticino. A Project Manager should always be a qualified one


bulletSpecific solutions: you will benefit from the specific knowledge in many different sectors that are often overlooked; from planning to business cases, from organization to risks, from quality plan to communication plan, and so on



Organization: through a non-intruding methodology, you will get a personalized and streamlined structure fitting your needs


Risks: through a continuous and dynamic risk control policy, risks will be identified, evaluated and assigned a priority. Their impact on time, cost, quality, scope, benefit and people/resources will be evaluated; suitable responses will be identified and a solution suggested. You will get enormous advantages from this knowledge and be able to take informed decisions

bulletConfiguration management: you will never lose the track of your products/documentation and you will be able to track all modifications; you will be able to deal with specific customer's requests


bulletChange control: it will allow you total control on changes, so that you will know in advance the practical effects of changes and spare money; besides, the success rate of your projects will dramatically increase and your customers will be happier


bulletOther solutions: whatever is needed for a successful project leading to profits; contact us today and your needs will be met.



bullet Training / Facilitation



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Lugano - Paradiso, Ticino, Switzerland

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